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Comparison of the phenolic contents, antioxidant activity and volatile compounds of different sorghum varieties during tea processing

Yun Xiong, Pangzhen Zhang, Stuart Johnson, Jiaqiang Luo, Zhongxiang Fang

Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture | Wiley | Published : 2020


BACKGROUND: Sorghum grain is rich in phenolic compounds and has the potential to be developed into functional beverages such as sorghum grain tea, in which the health benefits and flavour are the important quality attributes to be considered in tea product development. Therefore, this study investigated the effect of grain tea processing steps on the phenolic contents, antioxidant activity and aroma profile (volatile compounds) of MR-Buster (red-coloured) and Shawaya Short Black 1 (black-coloured) sorghum and the results compared with those for our previously reported Liberty (white-coloured) sorghum. RESULTS: Tea processing had significant impacts on sorghum polyphenols and volatile compoun..

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