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Molecular basis of neuronal biorhythms and paroxysms.

T Grisar, B Lakaye, E Thomas

Arch Physiol Biochem | Published : 1996


The molecular basis of the biorhythms are evoked in relation to cerebral EEG rhythms and paroxysms. Basic oscillatory phenomena have been well shown and modeled in systems such as the glycolytic pathway, the oscillations of cAMP in amoebas and rhythms of the intracellular cycline during mitosis. In excitable cells the intracellular calcium and cAMP oscillations exhibit a signalling system with many advantages. Thus the question arises: to what extent can the EEG paroxysms observed in epileptic syndrome be due to disturbances in such basic molecular pathways that underlie intracellular molecular oscillations? The usefulness of the absence-rat-model and the implication the T type Ca(2+)-channe..

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