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An elusive endosymbiont: Does Wolbachia occur naturally in Aedes aegypti?

Perran Ross, Ashley Callahan, Qiong Yang, Moshe Jasper, AKM Arif, A Noor Afizah, WA Nazni, Ary Hoffmann

Published : 2019


Wolbachia are maternally-inherited endosymbiotic bacteria found within many insect species. Aedes mosquitoes experimentally infected with Wolbachia are being released into the field for Aedes- borne disease control. These Wolbachia infections induce cytoplasmic incompatibility which is used to suppress populations through incompatible matings or replace populations through the reproductive advantage provided by this mechanism. However the presence of naturally-occurring Wolbachia in target populations could interfere with both population replacement and suppression programs depending on the compatibility patterns between strains. Aedes aegypti were thought to not harbor Wolbachia naturally b..

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