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Estimating Annual Water Storage Variations Using Microwave-based Soil Moisture Retrievals

Wade T Crow, Eunjin Han, Dongryeol Ryu, Christopher R Hain, Martha C Anderson

Copernicus GmbH


<p><strong>Abstract.</strong> Due to their shallow vertical support, remotely-sensed surface soil moisture retrievals are commonly regarded as being of limited value for water budget applications requiring the characterization of temporal variations in total terrestrial water storage (<i>S</i>). However, advances in our ability to estimate evapotranspiration remotely now allow for the direct evaluation of approaches for quantifying annual variations in <i>S</i> via water budget closure considerations. By applying an annual water budget analysis within a series of medium-scale (2,000–10,000 km<sup>2</sup>) basins within..

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