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Analysis of Epididymal Protein Synthesis and Secretion.

Wei Zhou, Petra Sipilä, Geoffry N De Iuliis, Matthew D Dun, Brett Nixon

Journal of Visualized Experiments | MyJove Corporation | Published : 2018


The mammalian epididymis generates one of the most complex intraluminal fluids of any endocrine gland in order to support the post-testicular maturation and storage of spermatozoa. Such complexity arises due to the combined secretory and absorptive activity of the lining epithelial cells. Here, we describe the techniques for the analysis of epididymal protein synthesis and secretion by focusing on the model protein family of dynamin (DNM) mechanoenzymes; large GTPases that have the potential to regulate bi-directional membrane trafficking events. For the study of protein expression in epididymal tissue, we describe robust methodology for immunofluorescence labeling of target proteins in para..

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