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Developmental expression of the dynamin family of mechanoenzymes in the mouse epididymis.

Wei Zhou, Geoffry N De Iuliis, Adrian P Turner, Andrew T Reid, Amanda L Anderson, Adam McCluskey, Eileen A McLaughlin, Brett Nixon

Biology of Reproduction | Oxford University Press (OUP) | Published : 2017


The mammalian epididymis is an exceptionally long ductal system tasked with the provision of one of the most complex intraluminal fluids found in any exocrine gland. This specialized milieu is continuously modified by the combined secretory and absorptive of the surrounding epithelium and thus finely tuned for its essential roles in promoting sperm maturation and storage. While considerable effort has been focused on defining the composition of the epididymal fluid, relatively less is known about the intracellular trafficking machinery that regulates this luminal environment. Here, we characterize the ontogeny of expression of a master regulator of this machinery, the dynamin family of mecha..

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