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Tailoring SOFC Electrode Microstructures for Improved Performance

PA Connor, X Yue, CD Savaniu, R Price, G Triantafyllou, M Cassidy, G Kerherve, DJ Payne, RC Maher, LF Cohen, RI Tomov, BA Glowacki, RV Kumar, JTS Irvine

Advanced Energy Materials | Published : 2018


The key technical challenges that fuel cell developers need to address are performance, durability, and cost. All three need to be achieved in parallel; however, there are often competitive tensions, e.g., performance is achieved at the expense of durability. Stability and resistance to degradation under prolonged operation are key parameters. There is considerable interest in developing new cathodes that are better able to function at lower temperature to facilitate low cost manufacture. For anodes, the ability of the solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) to better utilize commonly available fuels at high efficiency, avoid coking and sulfur poisoning or resistance to oxidation at high utilization ar..

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