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Microstructure dependence of performance degradation for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells based on the metallic catalyst infiltrated La-and Ca-doped SrTiO3 anode support

C Ni, L Lu, DN Miller, M Cassidy, JTS Irvine

Journal of Materials Chemistry A | Published : 2018


Anode-supported solid oxide fuel cells with the configuration of the La Sr Ca TiO (LSCT ) anode, YSZ electrolyte and La Sr Co Fe O (LSCF)-YSZ cathode were fabricated using tape casting and co-sintering techniques followed by pre-reduction and impregnation. In order to improve the performance, the active anodes were prepared via the wet impregnation of metallic catalysts (Ni or Ni-Fe solution). The impregnation of 3 wt% nickel significantly improved the fuel cell performance from 43 mW cm for the bare LSCT anode to 112 mW cm for the Ni-LSCT anode at 700 °C in humidified hydrogen containing 3 vol% H O. More interestingly, the substitution of 25 wt% Fe to Ni further enhances the power den..

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