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Scaling up aqueous processing of A-site deficient strontium titanate for SOFC anode supports

MC Verbraeken, BR Sudireddy, V Vasechko, M Cassidy, T Ramos, J Malzbender, P Holtappels, JTS Irvine

Journal of the European Ceramic Society | Published : 2018


All ceramic anode supported half cells of technically relevant scale were fabricated in this study, using a novel strontium titanate anode material. The use of this material would be highly advantageous in solid oxide fuel cells due to its redox tolerance and resistance to coking and sulphur poisoning. Successful fabrication was possible through aqueous tape casting of both anode support and electrolyte layers and subsequent lamination. Screen printing of electrolyte layers onto green anode tapes was also attempted but resulted in cracked electrolyte layers upon firing. Microstructural, electrical and mechanical properties of anode supports and half cells will be discussed. The use of two di..

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