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New Materials for Improved Durability and Robustness in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

M Cassidy, D Neagu, C Savaniu, P Boldrin

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Lifetime and Reliability: Critical Challenges in Fuel Cells | Published : 2017


This chapter provides an overview of the considerations that must be made regarding new materials development for improved durability and robustness in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs). A number of recent development concepts are outlined for the core cell materials of anode, electrolyte, and cathode, in particular new catalytic approaches such as catalyst impregnation and exsolution on the anode to improve redox and fuel flexibility and reduced temperature cathodes. Some of the challenges of scaling up into larger stacks are also discussed. Here the interactions of cell materials with stack materials, in particular the interconnect, are summarized, such as chromium poisoning and cell to inter..

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