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Development and testing of impregnated La0.20Sr0.25Ca0.45TiO3 anode microstructures for solid oxide fuel cells

R Price, M Cassidy, JA Schuler, A Mai, JTS Irvine

ECS Transactions | Published : 2017


The A-site deficient perovskite: La Sr Ca TiO (LSCTA-) is a mixed ionic and electronic conductor (MIEC) which shows promising performance as a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) anode 'backbone' material, when impregnated with metallic and oxide-ion conducting electrocatalysts. Here, we present data on the complete ceramic processing and optimisation of the LSCTA-'backbone' microstructure, in order to improve current distribution throughout the anode. Through control of ink rheology, screen printing parameters and sintering protocol an advantageous LSCT microstructural architecture was developed, exhibiting an 'effective' conductivity of 21 S cm . Incorporation of this LSCT anode microstructure..

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