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Demonstration of high performance in a perovskite oxide supported solid oxide fuel cell based on la and Ca co-doped SrTiO3

L Lu, C Ni, M Cassidy, JTS Irvine

Journal of Materials Chemistry A | Published : 2016


Perovskite electrodes have been considered as an alternative to Ni-YSZ cermet-based anodes as they afford better tolerance towards coking and impurities and due to redox stability can allow very high levels of fuel utilisation. Unfortunately performance levels have rarely been sufficient, especially for a second generation anode supported concept. A-site deficient lanthanum and calcium co-doped SrTiO , La Sr Ca TiO (LSCT ) shows promising thermal, mechanical and electrical properties and has been investigated in this study as a potential anode support material for SOFCs. Flat multilayer ceramics cells were fabricated by aqueous tape casting and co-sintering, comprising a 450 μm thick porous..

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