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M Cassidy, PA Connor, JTS Irvine, CD Savaniu

High-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for the 21st Century: Fundamentals, Design and Applications: Second Edition | Published : 2016


Anodes form the surface upon which fuel oxidation takes place with the cell, as such, correct design and materials selection are vital for high performance and long term durability. This becomes even more critical where hydrocarbon or other more complex fuels are considered, as tolerance to carbon and other potential impurities are vital in the realisation of a robust electrode for these environments. This chapter starts by defining the performance criteria for an SOFC anode followed by discussion of the lifetime requirements and catalysis demands for different fuels. The advantages and disadvantages of the state of the art engineering designs and materials (i.e Ni/YSZ cermets) are then cove..

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