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Study on direct flame solid oxide fuel cell using flat burner and ethylene flame

MM Hossain, J Myung, R Lan, M Cassidy, I Burns, SW Tao, JTS Irvine

ECS Transactions | Published : 2015


This paper presents an experimental investigation of direct flame solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) by using a flat-flame burner and fuel-rich ethylene/air premixed flames. A direct flame fuel cell (DFFC) setup is designed and implemented to measure electrochemical characteristics of electrolyte supported (i.e., single cell consisting of Ce0.9Ni0.1O2-δ anode/GDC electrolyte/LSCF-GDC cathode) fuel cell. The fuel cell temperature and cell performance were investigated by operating various fuel/air equivalence ratios and varying distance between burner surface and the fuel cell. A maximum power density of 41 mW/cm2 and current density of 121 mA/cm2 were achieved. Experimental results suggest that th..

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