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SmBaCo2O5 d and LnBa0.5Sr 0.5Co2O5 δ potential cathode materials for IT-SOFC

JH Kim, J Bae, M Cassidy, PA Connor, W Zhou, JTS Irvine

ECS Transactions | Published : 2009


The electrical conductivity of SmBaCo O (SBCO) showed a Metal-Insulator Transition (MIT) at about 200°C with maximum conductivity of 570 S·cm at 200°C and minimum conductivity 170 S·cm at 900°C. The area specific resistance (ASR) of composite cathode (50wt% of SBCO and 50wt% of Ce Gd O , SBCO:50) on a Ce Gd O (CGO91) electrolyte was observed to be 0.05 Ω·cm at 700°C. SmBaO5Sr05Co2O (SBSCO) electrode was sintered onto CGO91 at 1000°C to form symmetrical cells and exhibited an ASR value of 0.092 Ω· cm at 700°C. The lowest ASR value was observed when the composite cathode of 50wt% of SBSCO and 50wt% of CGO91 (SBSCO:50) was used and these were 0.10 Ω·cm at 600°C and 0.013 Ω·cm at 700..

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