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Adhesion and percolation parameters in two dimensional Pd-LSCM composites for SOFC anode current collection

S Boulfrad, M Cassidy, JTS Irvine

Advanced Functional Materials | Published : 2010


This paper is concerned with Palladium-(La Sr S) Cr Mn O (LSCM) composite current collectors for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs); the composites, which are in a 2D configuration (thickness of about 8-10 μm), are deposited upon an LSCM electrode layer on top of an yttria zirconia electrolyte substrate. The influence of the LSCM particle size on the adhesion between palladium and LSCM are reported and discussed. Compositions using four different LSCM particle sizes (0.21, 0.49,0.64, and 0.81 μm) with sintered Pd particle sizes approaching 10 μm are investigated. The best bonding is obtained when smaller particles are used. The electrical dc conductivity of the composite is reported as a funct..

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