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Sequential stream segregation with bilateral cochlear implants.

Aswin A Wijetillake, Richard JM van Hoesel, Robert Cowan

Hearing Research | Published : 2019


Sequential stream segregation on the basis of binaural 'ear-of-entry', modulation rate and electrode place-of-stimulation cues was investigated in bilateral cochlear implant (CI) listeners using a rhythm anisochrony detection task. Sequences of alternating 'A' and 'B' bursts were presented via direct electrical stimulation and comprised either an isochronous timing structure or an anisochronous structure that was generated by delaying just the 'B' bursts. 'B' delay thresholds that enabled rhythm anisochrony detection were determined. Higher thresholds were assumed to indicate a greater likelihood of stream segregation, resulting specifically from stream integration breakdown. Results average..

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