Children's Investment Fund Foundation: Evaluation of CIFF's Support to Strategic Litigation on Climate in Europe - Evaluation Report - Final

Jacqueline Peel, Hari Osofsky, Anita Foerster

UoM Commercial Ltd | Published : 2017


This  report  provides  our  evaluation  of  the  CIFF  grant  made  to  the  grantee,  CE,  for  strategic  litigation  on  climate change in Europe over three year period of the grant (September 2014-­‐September 2017). While this  report  is  delivered  near  the  end  of  the  grant  period  and  therefore  covers  most  of  that  period,  its  purpose is more formative given that the full impacts of litigation interventions initiated within the grant period are only expected to manifest over the longer-­‐term. In recognition of this, CIFF has commissioned the evaluation team to undertake a longer-­‐term evaluation of the programme during 2018-­‐2020.

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