Journal article

Influence of flupirtine on human lower limb reflexes.

D Timmann, C Plummer, M Schwarz, HC Diener

Clinical Neurophysiology | Elsevier BV | Published : 1995


The influence of a single oral dose (400 mg) of flupirtine on lower limb reflexes was investigated in normal human subjects using H-reflex testing, flexor reflex testing and dynamic posturography. Flupirtine did not significantly change the latency of the H-reflex or the Hmax/Mmax ratio. Both, the first (F1) and the second (F2) components of the flexor reflex were significantly depressed. Flupirtine significantly decreased the size of the ML response following fast transient platform movements rotating toe-up around the ankle joint. We conclude that flupirtine acts on polysynaptic spinal pathways. In addition to its well known analgesic effect flupirtine might have a muscle relaxant effect.

University of Melbourne Researchers