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Taking the Book from the Bookshelf: Masked Constituent Priming Effects from Compound Words and Nonwords.

Elisabeth Beyersmann, Yvette Kezilas, Max Coltheart, Anne Castles, Johannes C Ziegler, Marcus Taft, Jonathan Grainger

Journal of Cognition | Published : 2018


Recent evidence from visual word recognition points to the important role of embedded words, suggesting that embedded words are activated independently of whether they are accompanied by an affix or a non-affix. The goal of the present research was to more closely examine the mechanisms involved in embedded word activation, particularly with respect to the "edge-alignedness" of the embedded word. We conducted two experiments that used masked priming in combination with lexical decision. In Experiment 1, monomorphemic target words were either preceded by a compound word prime (e.g., textbook-BOOK/textbook-TEXT), a compound-nonword prime (e.g., pilebook-BOOK/textpile-TEXT), a non-compound nonw..

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