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Attenuating heave-induced pressure oscillations in offshore drilling by downhole flow control

Timm Strecker, Ole Morten Aamo

IFAC Journal of Systems and Control | Elsevier BV | Published : 2019


One of the challenges when applying managed pressure drilling (MPD) offshore on a floating rig is the wave-induced heaving motion of the rig. During drillstring extensions, the drillstring is rigidly attached to the rig and follows the rig’s heaving motion. This induces pressure oscillations in the well that can violate pressure margins, in particular in rough conditions and when margins are tight. In order to enable drilling operations under such conditions, the pressure oscillations are to be attenuated by use of a controllable valve installed in the bottomhole assembly (BHA) at the bottom of the drillstring. The subject of this paper is the controller design for the valve flow based on me..

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