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Inequalities in employment rates among older men and women in Canada, Denmark, Sweden and the UK.

Ashley McAllister, Lee Bentley, Henrik Brønnum-Hansen, Natasja Koitzsch Jensen, Lotta Nylen, Ingelise Andersen, Qing Liao, Theo Bodin, Cameron Mustard, Bo Burström

BMC Public Health | Published : 2019


BACKGROUND: In most developed countries, governments are implementing policies encouraging older persons to work past 65 years to reduce the burden on societies related to disability benefits and pension payments. Despite this push to extend working lives, we know little about who already works past this age and any inequalities that may exist. Our study investigates the employment rates of those aged 65-75 years of age by educational level, health status and sex in Canada (CAN), Denmark (DK), Sweden (SE) and the United Kingdom (UK). Secondly, we aim to relate findings on employment rates to prevailing policies in the different countries, to increase the understanding on how to further exten..

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