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Generation of human neural retina transcriptome atlas by single cell RNA sequencing

Samuel Lukowski, Camden Lo, Alexei Sharov, Quan Nguyen, Lyujie Fang, Sandy SC Hung, Ling Zhu, Ting Zhang, Tu Nguyen, Anne Senabouth, Jafar Jabbari, Emily Welby, Jane Sowden, Hayley Waugh, Adrienne Mackey, Graeme Pollock, Trevor Lamb, Peng-Yuan Wang, Alex Hewitt, Mark Gillies Show all

Published : 2018


Summary The retina is a highly specialized neural tissue that senses light and initiates image processing. Although the functional organisation of specific cells within the retina has been well-studied, the molecular profile of many cell types remains unclear in humans. To comprehensively profile cell types in the human retina, we performed single cell RNA-sequencing on 20,009 cells obtained post-mortem from three donors and compiled a reference transcriptome atlas. Using unsupervised clustering analysis, we identified 18 transcriptionally distinct clusters representing all known retinal cells: rod photoreceptors, cone photoreceptors, Müller glia cells, bipolar cells, amacrine cells, retinal..

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