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Global atmospheric carbon budget: results from an ensemble of atmospheric CO2 inversions

P Peylin, RM Law, KR Gurney, F Chevallier, AR Jacobson, T Maki, Y Niwa, PK Patra, W Peters, PJ Rayner, C Rödenbeck, X Zhang

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Abstract. Atmospheric CO2 inversions estimate surface carbon fluxes from an optimal fit to atmospheric CO2 measurements, usually including prior constraints on the flux estimates. Eleven sets of carbon flux estimates are compared, generated by different inversions systems that vary in their inversions methods, choice of atmospheric data, transport model and prior information. The inversions were run for at least 5 yr in the period between 1990 and 2009. Mean fluxes for 2001–2004, seasonal cycles, interannual variability and trends are compared for the tropics and northern and southern extra-tropics, and separately for land and ocean. Some continental/basin-scale subdivisions are also conside..

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