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A polygenic resilience score moderates the genetic risk for schizophrenia

Jonathan L Hess, Daniel S Tylee, Manuel Mattheisen, Anders D Borglum, Thomas D Als, Jakob Grove, Thomas Werge, Preben Bo Mortensen, Ole Mors, Merete Nordentoft, David M Hougaard, Jonas Byberg-Grauholm, Marie Baekvad-Hansen, Tiffany A Greenwood, Ming T Tsuang, David Curtis, Stacy Steinberg, Engilbert Sigurdsson, Hreinn Stefansson, Kari Stefansson Show all



Based on the discovery by the Resilience Project (Chen R. et al. Nat Biotechnol 34:531-538, 2016) of rare variants that confer resistance to Mendelian disease, and protective alleles for some complex diseases, we posited the existence of genetic variants that promote resilience to highly heritable polygenic disorders1,0 such as schizophrenia. Resilience has been traditionally viewed as a psychological construct, although our use of the term resilience refers to a different construct that directly relates to the Resilience Project, namely: heritable variation that promotes resistance to disease by reducing the penetrance of risk loci, wherein resilience and risk loci operate orthogonal to one..

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