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Acoustic slow wave sleep enhancement via a novel, automated device improves executive function in middle-aged men

Charmaine Diep, Suzanne Ftouni, Jessica E Manousakis, Christian L Nicholas, Sean PA Drummond, Clare Anderson

Sleep | OXFORD UNIV PRESS INC | Published : 2020


STUDY OBJECTIVES: As slow-wave activity (SWA) is critical for cognition, SWA-enhancing technologies provide an exciting opportunity to improve cognitive function. We focus on improving cognitive function beyond sleep-dependent memory consolidation, using an automated device, and in middle-aged adults, who have depleted SWA yet a critical need for maximal cognitive capacity in work environments. METHODS: Twenty-four healthy adult males aged 35-48 years participated in a randomized, double-blind, cross-over study. Participants wore an automated acoustic stimulation device that monitored real-time sleep EEG. Following an adaptation night, participants were exposed to either acoustic tones deliv..

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