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Positive affect between close friends: Brain-behavior associations during adolescence.

Brittany K Woods, Erika E Forbes, Lisa B Sheeber, Nicholas B Allen, Jennifer S Silk, Neil P Jones, Judith K Morgan

Soc Neurosci | Published : 2020


Identifying the neural correlates of positive interactions between friendship dyads may provide insights into mechanisms associated with adolescent social development. Forty-eight 14- to 18-year-old typically developing adolescents were video-recorded discussing a shared positive event with a close friend and subsequently viewed clips during an fMRI scan of that friend during the interaction and of an unfamiliar peer in a similar interaction. Adolescents also reported on their positive affect in daily life while with friends using ecological momentary assessment. We used multivariate repeated measures models to evaluate how positive affect with friends in the laboratory and in daily life was..

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