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Intolerance of uncertainty moderates the relationship between high personal standards but not evaluative concerns perfectionism and eating disorder symptoms cross-sectionally and prospectively

Leigh C Brosof, Amy H Egbert, Erin E Reilly, Joseph A Wonderlich, Anna Karam, Irina Vanzhula, Trevor Steward, Cheri A Levinson



Two dimensions of perfectionism related to eating disorder (ED) symptoms are evaluative concerns and high standards. Evaluative concerns are consistently linked with ED symptoms, whereas there are conflicting results regarding high standards and ED symptoms. High standards are unrelated to ED symptoms in some studies and are linked to higher ED symptoms in others. Intolerance of uncertainty (IU) may influence the relation between high standards and ED symptoms; individuals elevated in both IU and high standards may find it distressing to be uncertain about future situations for fear of not living up to high expectations and use ED behaviors to cope with such uncertainty. In the current study..

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