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A qualitative exploration of the sexual and reproductive health knowledge of adolescent mothers from indigenous populations in Ratanak Kiri Province, Cambodia.

Bridget Kenny, Elizabeth Hoban, Ponnary Pors, Joanne Williams

Rural and Remote Health | Published : 2019


INTRODUCTION: Adolescents from indigenous populations in Ratanak Kiri Province in Cambodia experience worse sexual and reproductive health (SRH) outcomes when compared to their urban counterparts. However, few qualitative studies have been conducted to identify factors that may explain the poor SRH outcomes experienced by this population group. METHODS: The socioecological model was used as the analytical lens to explore the SRH knowledge and sources of SRH information of adolescent mothers (aged 15-19 years) from indigenous populations in north-eastern Cambodia. Adolescent mothers from the Tompoun and Jarai indigenous population groups (n=22) were purposively recruited from seven villages i..

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