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Conserved visual sensitivities across divergent lizard lineages that differ in an ultraviolet sexual signal

Caroline M Dong, Claire A McLean, Adnan Moussalli, Devi Stuart-Fox

Ecology and Evolution | WILEY | Published : 2019


The sensory drive hypothesis predicts the correlated evolution of signaling traits and sensory perception in differing environments. For visual signals, adaptive divergence in both color signals and visual sensitivities between populations may contribute to reproductive isolation and promote speciation, but this has rarely been tested or shown in terrestrial species. We tested whether opsin protein expression differs between divergent lineages of the tawny dragon (Ctenophorus decresii) that differ in the presence/absence of an ultraviolet sexual signal. We measured the expression of four retinal cone opsin genes (SWS1, SWS2, RH2, and LWS) using droplet digital PCR. We show that gene expressi..

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