Conference Proceedings

Comprehensive process drift analysis with the visual drift detection tool

A Yeshchenko, CD Ciccio, J Mendling, A Polyvyanyy

ER 2019, Conceptual Modeling. | Springer, Cham | Published : 2019


Recent research has introduced ideas from concept drift into process mining to enable the analysis of changes in business processes over time. This stream of research, however, has not yet addressed the challenges of drift categorization, drilling-down, and quantification. In this tool demonstration paper, we present a novel software tool to analyze process drifts, called Visual Drift Detection (VDD), which fulfills these requirements. The tool is of benefit to the researchers and practitioners in the business intelligence and process analytics area, and can constitute a valuable aid to those who are involved in business process redesign endeavors.


Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

This work is partially funded by the EU H2020 program under MSCA-RISE agreement 645751 (RISE_BPM). Artem Polyvyanyy was partly supported by the Australian Research Council Discovery Project DP180102839.