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Behind the Shield: Glass as Vehicle of Technology Transfer from the Automotive Industry to the International Style

Giorgio Marfella, Harriet Edquist (ed.), Helen Stitt (ed.)

Autopia: the Car and the Modern City | Automotive Historians Australia | Published : 2019


Architects, engineers and builders often consider the automotive industry as a model from which to gather lessons on innovation. Notwithstanding the many comparisons – past and present – roused by the productive successes of car manufacturing, limitations for translating principles of mass-production from vehicles to the built environment persist. This paper examines a historical link of technology transfer between the American automotive and construction industries. After World War II, laminated glass was introduced in the United States to produce curved car windshields that mitigated the impact of injuries on the roads. Products and glazing methods used at first for car windows flowed almo..

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