Journal article

University run science outreach programs as a community of practice and site for identity development

Victoria Millar, Maurizio Toscano, Jan van Driel, Emma Stevenson, Chloë Nelson, Clare Kenyon

International Journal of Science Education | Taylor & Francis | Published : 2019


There is a concern in many countries with participation rates in science. One response to this has been a proliferation of university run science outreach programs that aim to both engage and retain students in science. Previous studies of outreach programs have tended to take into account the perspectives of just a few stakeholders in the program. Although this approach has led to some understanding of outreach programs it underplays the level of complexity in running outreach programs and leaves a gap in understanding how student identity and aspirations toward science are supported in science outreach. This research has investigated the perspectives of students, teachers, parents and scie..

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