Book Chapter

Found in Translation: Reconceptualising Early Childhood Education

Nicola Yelland, Dana Frantz Bentley

Found in Translation: Connecting Reconceptualist Thinking with Early Childhood Education Practices | Routledge | Published : 2018


Early childhood education refers to the childhood years from birth to 8 years of age. The provision of education and care across these years is diverse since it spans both the early years of compulsory schooling and preschool contexts. It is variously administered by a mix of government and private enterprise organisations depending on locations. The Reconceptualists began to speak back to these grand narratives that constituted monolithic constructs of childhood. They began questioning, debating, and offering up the multitudes of childhoods to combat this trend of deeply biased "normalization." The children were wrapping up a morning free play time. The teachers and children were calm and m..

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