Journal article

Inside the black box: an investigation of non-executive director activity through the lens of dynamic capability

Conan L Hom, Daniel Samson, Peter B Cebon, Christina Cregan

Asia Pacific Journal of Management | Springer (part of Springer Nature) | Published : 2021


Through a dynamic capability lens, we investigate the activities of non-executive directors (NEDs) of Anglo-American one-tiered corporate boards. We hypothesize that their perceptions of their own efficacy and of their duties rooted in resource dependence theory are motivators for dynamic capability relevant activities - activities that may be antecedents for organization dynamic capability - and may affect organization dynamic capability performance. Based on discussions with NEDs, we developed a list of NED and board activities which could be dynamic capability relevant and conducted a survey of Anglo-American organizations in Asia-Pacific and elsewhere. Our findings suggest partial positi..

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