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DNA variants are an unlikely explanation for the changing quality of spermatozoa within the same individual

Jacob Netherton, Rachel Ogle, Louise Hetherington, Tony Velkov, Ryan Rose, Mark Baker

Human Fertility | TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD | Published : 2019


It has recently been suggested that the human sperm genome is highly unstable, which may be a reasonable explanation as to why men, even fertile men, produce defective spermatozoa. Furthermore, an unstable genome may also explain why the semen profile of the same man changes from one ejaculate to the next. As such, we took multiple ejaculates (between 3 and 6) from 7 individuals over a 6-month period and isolated sperm through density gradients. We then compared the DNA of: (i) good and poor-quality spermatozoa within the same ejaculate; and (ii) from multiple ejaculates from the same individual. Our results suggest that on a global level, DNA present within spermatozoa is actually quite sta..

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