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P2X7 Purinergic Receptor Is Involved in the Pathophysiology of Mania: a Preclinical Study

Carolina Gubert, Roberta Andrejew, Carlos Eduardo Leite, Cesar Eduardo Jacintho Moritz, Juliete Scholl, Fabricio Figueiro, Flavio Kapczinski, Pedro Vieira da Silva Magalhaes, Ana Maria Oliveira Battastini

Molecular Neurobiology | SPRINGER | Published : 2020


The pathophysiology of bipolar disorder remains incompletely elucidated. The purinergic receptor, P2X7 (P2X7R), plays a central role in neuroinflammation, the establishment, and maintenance of microglial activation and neuronal damage/death, all characteristics of bipolar disorder pathology. The present study aims to explore the participation of the P2X7R in a preclinical pharmacological model of mania. We analyzed the modulatory effects of the P2X7R antagonist, brilliant blue, on behavior, monoamines, gene expression, serum purine levels, and cell typing in a pharmacological model of mania induced by D-amphetamine (AMPH) in mice. Our results corroborate an association between the P2X7 recep..

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