Conference Proceedings

Self-organisation of a learnable language: What happens when an alien language replicates through human brains

K Beuls, V Ferdinand, J Kanwal

2012 IEEE International Conference on Development and Learning and Epigenetic Robotics, ICDL 2012 | Published : 2012


Through the use of an iterated learning experiment, we investigate the emergence of self-organised structure in a random initial alien language, as it is replicated through successive 'generations' of language learners in three distinct iteration chains. Experiments in the iterated learning paradigm have frequently shown that languages evolve to become more compositional and thus more easily learnable and replicable over the course of an iteration chain (see, e.g., Kirby et al. 2008). Here, we closely analyse the dynamics of this replication, identifying which features actually correlate with greater replicability, as well as suggesting which mechanisms may be driving the evolution towards a..

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