Recorded or Rendered Work - Film, Video

Virtual Gestures, Re-Imagining Imaginary Prisons

Paul Loh, Mond Qu, David Leggett

University of Melbourne- Melbourne School of Design | Published : 2017


VR Gesturing: Re-imagining Piranesi (Imagining Imaginary Prisons) Virtual Reality (VR) has exploded into mainstream media and is now being introduced into the design process of artists, architects and designers. This project questions the role of this emerging tool in spatial design and asks: how does this technology change the way we model objects and understand space? What aesthetics can be produced that have not yet been explored? The research presents time-based modelling in an immersive virtual environment. This endeavour is explored through the modelling of Giovanni Battista Piranesi’s Le Carceri d’invenzione; or more commonly known as; The Imaginary Prisons. This is a series of 1..

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