An Urban Forest Horizon Scan in Canberra, Australia. Report for the Clean Air and Urban Landscapes Hub

Catherine Elliott, Dave Kendal, Judith Bush, Giuliana Leslie, Cathy Oke, Kate Auty, Guy Barnett, Cris Brack, Anthea Brecknell, Serena Farrelly, Meg Frawley, Phil Gibbons, Karen Ikin, Joshua Ryan, David Salt, Tim Sides, Leigh Staas

Clean Air and Urban Landscapes Hub | Published : 2019


In attempting to glimpse the possible futures for the urban forest, insights can be gained into key current policy and research needs that will better prepare the urban forest, and its managers and users, for these future scenarios. The horizon scanning workshop provided the forum and opportunity for researchers and policy makers from a range of backgrounds to come together and for one day imagine scenarios for future forests. These discussions generated new conceptions of future cities and the roles of the urban forests within them. Discussions pointed to both opportunities and threats for urban forests, associated with technological developments, increasing climate change impacts, globalis..

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