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The Effect of Particle Size on Mine Waste Sulfide Oxidation Rates and Conceptual Treatment Costs

D Dettrick, N Bourgeot, J Costelloe, S Yuen, M Arora

Mine Water and the Environment | Springer (part of Springer Nature) | Published : 2019


Acid and metalliferous drainage (AMD) oxidation reaction rates were determined using oxygen consumption rates in a high sulfur overburden rock from the Australian Latrobe Valley coal provinces, and a mid to low range sulfur waste rock from a porphyry copper deposit in Papua, New Guinea. Nine grain sizes were tested, ranging from material retained by a 0.038 mm sieve through to a 40 mm sieve. Oxygen consumption rates in sealed cells were measured to establish pyrite oxidation rates (POR) in each sample. The oxygen consumption rates displayed a strong exponential reaction correlation with particle size for the material. The POR was found to range from 0.28 to 10.90 wt%/year FeS2 for the materi..

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