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Metallothionein 1 negatively regulates glucose-stimulated insulin secretion and is differentially expressed in conditions of beta cell compensation and failure in mice and humans.

Mohammed Bensellam, Yan-Chuan Shi, Jeng Yie Chan, D Ross Laybutt, Heeyoung Chae, Michel Abou-Samra, Evan G Pappas, Helen E Thomas, Patrick Gilon, Jean-Christophe Jonas

Diabetologia | Published : 2019


AIMS/HYPOTHESIS: The mechanisms responsible for beta cell compensation in obesity and for beta cell failure in type 2 diabetes are poorly defined. The mRNA levels of several metallothionein (MT) genes are upregulated in islets from individuals with type 2 diabetes, but their role in beta cells is not clear. Here we examined: (1) the temporal changes of islet Mt1 and Mt2 gene expression in mouse models of beta cell compensation and failure; and (2) the role of Mt1 and Mt2 in beta cell function and glucose homeostasis in mice. METHODS: Mt1 and Mt2 expression was assessed in islets from: (1) control lean (chow diet-fed) and diet-induced obese (high-fat diet-fed for 6 weeks) mice; (2) mouse mode..

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