Journal article

Phosphorus-cycle disturbances during the Late Devonian anoxic events

LME Percival, DPG Bond, M Rakocinski, L Marynowski, AVS Hood, T Adatte, JE Spangenberg, KB Foellmi

Global and Planetary Change | ELSEVIER | Published : 2020

University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by National Science Centre-Poland (MAESTRO grant)

Awarded by Natural Environment Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

We greatly appreciate constructive and insightful comments that have improved this manuscript, from Paul Wignall and two anonymous reviewers, laboratory assistance given by Jean-Claude Lavanchy, and Olivier Reubi, and we also thank Grzegorz Racki, Agnieszka Pisarzowska, David De Vleeschouwer, Anne-Christine da Silva, Malcolm Wallace, Alice Shuster, and Ronnie Guthrie for scientific discussions and help collecting geological samples in the field. Additional thanks go to Brahimsamba Bomou and Dominik Fleitmann for analysis of phosphorus contents and carbon-isotope compositions of the Erfoud samples, respectively, and Gerta Keller and the 2008 University of Princeton graduate student class to Morocco for assistance collecting the Moroccan samples. We gratefully acknowledge the National Science Centre-Poland (MAESTRO grant 2013/08/A/ST10/00717, including M.R. and L.M.), the Natural Environment Research Council (grant number NE/J01799X/1 to D.P.G.B.), the Baragwanath Research Fund, Australia (A.v.S.H.) and the University of Lausanne (L.M.E.P.) for funding.