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Modelling of fully-coupled CO2 diffusion and adsorption-induced coal matrix swelling

KHSM Sampath, MSA Perera, SK Matthai, PG Ranjith, Li Dong-yin

Fuel | Elsevier | Published : 2020


Multiple CO2 diffusion mechanisms coexist in the coal matrix in certain pore pressure ranges and the subsequent CO2 adsorption induced-matrix swelling alters the hydro-mechanical properties of the seam. We investigate the CO2 diffusion/adsorption-induced swelling behaviour of the coal matrix, through a fully-coupled gas flow – adsorption – coal deformation model. Besides the constant diffusion coefficient-based approach, the multiple diffusion mechanisms including slip flow and Knudsen diffusion are further modelled with a theoretically-extended diffusion approach. The two models are validated with the CO2 adsorption and volumetric swelling data to confirm the models’ reliability on simulati..

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