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Mass Spectrometry-Based Plasma Proteomics: Considerations from Sample Collection to Achieving Translational Data

Vera Ignjatovic, Philipp Emanuel Geyer, Krishnan Palaniappan, Jessican Chaaban, Gilbert Omenn, Mark Baker, Eric Deutsch, Jochen Schwenk

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory | Published : 2019


The proteomic analyses of human blood and blood-derived products (e.g. plasma) offers an attractive avenue to translate research progress from the laboratory into the clinic. However, due to its unique protein composition, performing proteomics assays with plasma is challenging. Plasma proteomics has regained interest due to recent technological advances, but challenges imposed by both complications inherent to studying human biology (e.g. inter-individual variability), analysis of biospecimen (e.g. sample variability), as well as technological limitations remain. As part of the Human Proteome Project (HPP), the Human Plasma Proteome Project (HPPP) brings together key aspects of the plasma p..

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