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The Effects of Driver Feedback and Financial Incentives on Driving Behaviours: A Randomised Control Trial

Mark Stevenson, Jasper Wijnands, Duncan Mortimer, Anthony Harris

Journal of Transport & Health | Elsevier BV | Published : 2019


Background: Achieving further reductions in road trauma will require design and scaled delivery of novel road safety measures. Opportunities for ‘at-scale’ delivery of road safety measures are now viable through the novel technology of in-vehicle telematics. Methods: A total of 174 drivers (aged 17-50 years) from across Australia, were recruited to participate in the study at the time they obtained their motor vehicle insurance. The consenting participants’ driving behaviour was monitored for a ‘baseline’ period comprising 4 weeks. Following the baseline period, participants were randomly assigned to one of three intervention and observed for 24 weeks. Group 1, the control group received n..

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