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Reversible Photoswitching of Isolated Ionic Hemiindigos with Visible Light

Eduardo Carrascosa, Christian Petermayer, Michael S Scholz, James N Bull, Henry Dube, Evan J Bieske



Indigoid chromophores have emerged as versatile molecular photoswitches, offering efficient reversible photoisomerization upon exposure to visible light. Here we report synthesis of a new class of permanently charged hemiindigos (HIs) and characterization of photochemical properties in gas phase and solution. Gas-phase studies, which involve exposing mobility-selected ions in a tandem ion mobility mass spectrometer to tunable wavelength laser radiation, demonstrate that the isolated HI ions are photochromic and can be reversibly photoswitched between Z and E isomers. The Z and E isomers have distinct photoisomerization response spectra with maxima separated by 40-80 nm, consistent with theor..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors thank the Australian Research Council for financial support under the Discovery Project Scheme (DP150101427 and DP160100474). H.D. and C.P. thank the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft [(SFB 749/3, A12), Emmy-Noether fellowship (DU 1414/1-1)], and the Cluster of Excellence Center for Integrated Protein Science Munich' (CIPSM) for financial support. E.C. acknowledges support by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) through a Schrodinger Fellowship (Nr. J4013-N36). M.S.S. thanks the Australian government for an Australian Postgraduate Award scholarship.