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Topography and immunogenicity of bluetongue virus VP7 epitopes.

LF Wang, AD Hyatt, PL Whiteley, M Andrew, JK Li, BT Eaton

Archives of Virology | Published : 1996


The core of bluetongue virus (BTV) consists of ten dsRNA viral genome segments and five proteins, including two major (VP7 and VP3) and three minor (VP1, VP4 and VP6) components. The major core protein VP7 is believed to be an important structural constituent because it interacts, not only with the underlying core protein VP3, but also with two outer capsid proteins (VP2 and VP5). In this communication we summarise data on the mapping of at least six different epitopes of VP7 distributed along the molecule. Two of the six epitopes have not been mapped previously. The accessibility of these epitopes in intact virions and core particles was analysed using immunoelectron microscopy. The epitope..

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