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Comparison of cost, productivity and residue yield of cut-to-length and fuel-adapted harvesting in a Pinus radiata d.Don final harvest in Western Australia

M Strandgard, R Mitchell

New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science | Scion | Published : 2019


Background: Forest biomass is a major global source of biofuel. To compete with other energy sources its delivered costs need to be reduced. Globally, logging residue (LR) is likely to be the cheapest, readily available forest biomass form. LR transport is a major cost component. Methods: A harvester-forwarder harvest system was studied in two adjacent areas to compare Swedish “fuel-adapted harvesting” with conventional cut-to-length harvesting at the stump in a mature Pinus radiata D.Don plantation in Western Australia to assess the impact of fuel-adapted harvesting on costs and productivity of a harvester and forwarder producing logs and extracting LR and on LR yield. Results: Harvester ..

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