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SCN1A Variants in vaccine-related febrile seizures: A prospective study

John A Damiano, Lucy Deng, Wenhui Li, Rosemary Burgess, Amy L Schneider, Nigel W Crawford, Jim Buttery, Michael Gold, Peter Richmond, Kristine K Macartney, Michael S Hildebrand, Ingrid E Scheffer, Nicholas Wood, Samuel F Berkovic

ANNALS OF NEUROLOGY | WILEY | Published : 2019


OBJECTIVE: Febrile seizures may follow vaccination. Common variants in the sodium channel gene, SCN1A, are associated with febrile seizures, and rare pathogenic variants in SCN1A cause the severe developmental and epileptic encephalopathy Dravet syndrome. Following vaccination, febrile seizures may raise the specter of poor outcome and inappropriately implicate vaccination as the cause. We aimed to determine the prevalence of SCN1A variants in children having their first febrile seizure either proximal to vaccination or unrelated to vaccination compared to controls. METHODS: We performed SCN1A sequencing, blind to clinical category, in a prospective cohort of children presenting with their f..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This study is supported by National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Project Grant 1049557, NHMRC Program Grant 1091593 to S.F.B and I.E.S, NHMRC Practitioner Fellowship 1006110 to I.E.S, NHMRC Project Grant 1129054 to S.F.B, NHMRC Career Development Fellowship 1063629 to N.W, a University of Sydney Research Training Program scholarship to L.D., and NHMRC Project Grant 1079058 and NHMRC R. D. Wright Career Development Fellowship 1063799 to M.S.H.